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Technosol is your go to for all waterproofing solutions. We provide protection from the elements so your floors can withstand all conditions. We offer a diverse range of solutions for all your waterproofing needs, from floors & walls to concrete structures, pools and roofing membranes.

Why waterproofing?

Providing a protective coat for your surfaces ensures that they are secured for the future. Water damage can build up over time, and cause serious cracks and issues within your concrete which can become dangerous for your flooring.

Waterproofing provides protection to concrete, masonry and other structures to reduce the risk of rot, erosion or mildew caused by dampness.

Adhering to strict Ministry of Health and Agricultural & Fisheries Department regulations, Technosol will ensure your workplace has compliance approved flooring and wet/dry areas. Technosol are licensed applicators for various health grade flooring systems.

Normally the waterproofing process is completed during the installation of the flooring, however Technosol is able to waterproof your floors at a later date if required. 

We can waterproof:

  • Concrete structures: damp or dry substrates

  • Roofing Membranes

  • Floors & Walls

  • Balconies and decks

  • Protective Masonry 

  • And more!

For remedial work, Technosol will carry out a thorough investigation to ascertain the cause behind existing water damage, and provide an intelligent solution to prevent the issue recurring.

Technosol also specialises in sealant applications which can be applied to both internal and external construction joints.

Technosol are proud to partner with the following waterproofing products:

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