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Technosol is an independent contractor with over twenty years’ experience.  We pride ourselves on our dedication to the pursuit of excellence in our field of specialist operations. 

Our aim is to ensure every client benefits from our commitment to their investment, by providing technical support and advice, before, during and after all our installation projects.

Technosol is an Approved Applicator for the following Systems and Services: 

  • Industrial & Commercial Monolithic Floor Topping & Coating Systems

  • High Build Protective and Decorative Wall and Floor Coatings

  • Concrete Grinding/Shot Blasting & Polishing.

  • Floor Levelling & Screeds.

  • Structural Concrete Repairs/Corrosion Protection & Maintenance/FRP Seismic Strengthening.

  • Intumescent Fire Coatings.

  • Waterproofing & Tanking.

  • Concrete Joint Sealants/Seismic Jointing.

  • Concrete Repairs/Crack Injection/Carbon Fibre Strengthening.

  • High Pressure Injection & Grouting

  • Pool Painting and Coatings

Working with the top brands and trusted by the best suppliers



Technosol believes in using quality materials and products to ensure a long lasting finish.


For over 20 years Technosol has strived for and delivered excellence for our clients.


Technosol knows that flawless, long lasting finishes come from meticulous preparation and planning.


The Technosol team consistently meets contract deliverables and ensures efficiency on all projects.

New Zealand Flooring Solutions

Servicing Canterbury and beyond

The Canterbury earthquakes provided a unique opportunity for Technosol to further advance and develop its seismic strengthening processes.  The event allowed us to build on the solid foundations that we already enjoyed with Mapei, Sika, & Allnex.  Technosol responded to the need for right first-time solutions that were economically viable and restorative.  We utilised methods of repair to strengthen the damaged structures to a level that was greater than before. 

Technosol has the experience and ability to produce for our clients’ specific methodologies for the services and systems that we use that are appropriate for their individual situations.  We believe in our processes, knowing that they have been developed to a standard that is second to none.  Our procedures are robust, and are endorsed by our suppliers, and the Engineers and Consultants that we work with. 

When the business was sold in 2021, we retained all of our core values. Our staff knowledge, experience and our suppliers have remained.  The future mirrors the past in many aspects, but with an even greater focus on developing new techniques, markets, and building on the solid reputation that Technosol has enjoyed for the last twenty years.

Management Team

Job Quantock

Managing Director

Curt Freeman

Business Development & Estimation Manager

Georgia Ellison

General Manager

Jacqui Paterson

Office Manager

At Technosol Construction Solutions our mission is to provide a quality service using efficient techniques and delivering an excellent result for our clients every time.

Job Quantock, Managing Director 


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