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Fireproofing /
Intumescent Coatings

Technosol specialises in intumescent coatings for passively protecting your load-bearing structures and floors from the risk of fire.

Ensuring that your structural steel such as columns, beams and walls are protected by a fire resistant coating is essential for your building's longevity.

Why Intumescent Coatings?

Intumescent coatings provide an insulating layer on your structural steel, which swells when affected by extreme heat. This insulating layer protects the steel from the heat to maintain its structural integrity during fires.

Through the intumescent process, Technosol will ensure that the innate properties of the materials remain intact and unaltered and will manage the application process successfully from start to finish.

Although the most common use of intumescent coatings is on structural steel, we can provide this coating on a variety of other materials including timber, composite components and concrete.

During the entire process Technosol will carry out site inspections, regular checks and handover processes, ensuring excellent quality assurance and flawless delivery.

If you are planning to install a passive fireproofing system in your project, it is important to involve Technosol early on in the process to ensure the correct design and compliance requirements are taken into consideration. 

Using the professionally trained team at Technosol for your fireproofing will guarantee the product is applied correctly the first time and all safety measures are adhered to.

Fireproofing Diagram

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