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Swimming Pool Coatings

Technosol offers a wide range of solutions for your pool. Whether you are needing a new installation coated, existing upgrade or even just a refresh. We can offer a wide range of services for your pool, no matter the size or shape.

They always do their best to accommodate us regardless of how tight the timeframes

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Technosol has the scope and capability for sealing, swimming pool coatings and upgrading home pools through to large commercial or public pool refurbishments.

Technosol can help you create a custom design for your pool to suit your budget requirements and desired finish. Extend the life of your tired old home pool by utilising the many services Technosol provides.

Technosol can offer:

  • Replacement of tiles

  • Non-slip surfacing

  • Crack repair

  • Resin coating systems

  • Waterproofing systems

  • Decorative upgrades

  • Diamond grounding

  • Swimming Pool Coatings

  • Swimming Pool Paint

For large scale projects, talk to the team today to discuss options around design, materials and any strict timeframes you may need to work within.

Check out our work on the Christchurch Pioneer Pools.

Christchurch Pioneer Pools

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