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Decorative Flooring

The experienced Technosol team has completed many large and small scale decorative flooring projects. By working closely together, Technosol can design, provide and install a striking decorative flooring solution to suit your needs and style.

Why Decorative Flooring?

Decorative floor coatings provide a protective, hygienic surface which is hard wearing, resistant to heavy loads, dust, mould and moisture. Create aesthetically stunning spaces by enhancing your floors, walls and outdoor areas with a decorative coating today.

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Terrazzo is a composite material used for floor and wall treatments. Consisting of either marble, quartz, granite, glass or other suitable chips which are combined with a chemical or physical binder. The result once Terrazzo is cured and polished to a smooth surface leaves a stunning decorative and uniformly textured surface.

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This extremely durable product is well suited for residential and commercial applications. Technosol uses a colourfast modified cement product with superior adhesion qualities. The decorative overlay can be applied with taped stencil patterns or a tiled finish, and enhances the aesthetics of driveways and pool surrounds. Decorative overlays are an ideal option to rectify stained or uneven concrete.


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